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Ping Pong Rule
1. The player who first scores 11 points wins the game.
2. If score is 10 to 10, then game must be won by 2.
3. A match is the best 2 out of 3 games.
Warm Up
1. A two-minute warm-up will be permitted prior to the start of each
Ping Pong Rules
Serving and Choice of Ends
1. Coin Toss... Whoever wins the flip can pick to SERVE or
RECEIVE from the end you like.
2. After each game you will alternate the ends. Should there be a tie,
for instance, one game to one game, the players will
change ends after the first player reaches 5 points in the final game.
The Serve
1. Throw the ball up and hit. The ball must bounce from your side
once to the other end. If it hits the net to the other end,
it's "let". That point has to start all over again.
2. If the ball hits the net and bounces out or falls on the net, then, the
server loses a point.
3. Each player serves 5 points and switches the serve to the
opponent. At deuce (10:10) the serves alternate between
each player.
1. Serve - bounce on both ends of the table
2. Play - after bounce on your side, hit the ball back to your
opponent's side and land on the table. If you hit before the ball
bounce, i.e. a volley, you lose a point.
3. Outside - the ball doesn't land on the other end because out of
bound. Lose a point.
4. Fall on the net - the ball hit to the net and doesn't land on the
other end. Lose a point.
5. Bounce twice or more - the ball bounce 2 times or more. Player
on that side loses a point.
6. Freehand - the hand that's not holding the paddle - cannot touch
the table. If touch, "fault", lose a point.

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